Motion Graphics 
Soon Forward is a Neighborhood program which will focus on local charity and activism in the Lower East side of New York City.

Soon Forward organised a collaboration with Moreno Ferrari, veteran fashion designer to create a unique garment to help ease the hardships of the Homeless Humans of New York and raise awareness about the lives of thousands of New Yorkers who are at risk every minute.

I created a video to be projected at the exhibition that would highlight the problem at the heart of this project, homlessness in New York, and introduce the suit that Moreno made.

After many transatlantic calls with Moreno I could unpack the garment and explain the methodical design choices and deeply researched process that went into making the piece. Especially important to us all was to make New Yorker’s passing by stop and reconsider the immense priviledge that we have in being able to have a home and all the basic resources that we take so much for granted.  

Self-Portrait Video

Moodboard taking inspiration from film title sequences, posters, art installations, and New York 80s punk ephemera.